Pro Cinematographer On What Separates Great Actors From Everybody Else – Andy Rydzewski

Andy Rydzewski, Cinematographer: I often find myself surprised when I’m on set and it’s time to do a scene and this person’s been around and then all of a sudden the camera’s rolling and they morph into something else…

Film Courage: How do you know an actor is the “real deal?” 

Andy: I suppose like anything there are many different ways for actors to be quote unquote good or bad. I think I’ve started to think about them a little bit like athletes. Some work harder than others, some have some natural talent, but there are also specialty kind of approaches. Let’s say a quirky actor is like a specialty three-point shooter. It doesn’t mean that this person is good at all the things but cast correctly (casting I guess is really part of it). If they’re in the right spot you put them in a position to succeed so one person can really shine if they’re in the right role and it’s a well-written role of course. Whereas that same person you could see on a different set, on a different day, in a different role and you’re like I don’t know about that? There are a number of factors. That said every once in a while (and I would not know how to quantify it) but every once in a while I find myself behind the camera and I’m watching something I’m like Oh, this person’s going to be around forever. There’s just something. I guess back in the day you would think of that like Oh, they’ve got it. I hesitate to put it that way but that said I have seen that. I’ve seen actors…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).








Andy Rydzewski has shot features, TV series, commercials, shorts, docs, skits, etc. He has two graduate degrees (MFA in screenwriting and an MA in film production) from Humboldt State University. His latest completed project is the Hulu series PEN15 starring Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, Melora Walters and more.


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