Why Hollywood Emails Are Never Answered – Gary W. Goldstein

Gary W. Goldstein, Producer/Author/Instructor: I’m not going to share who I am as an artist, as a creator, as a writer. I’m going to put out a blind query letter with a log line, etc and I’ll send it to a stranger who does not yet know me and I’m going to hope and pray to get a good response.

Film Courage: Is Hollywood a game, Gary? 

Gary: In a sense yes I suppose but I think life in a way is a game in the best sense. But you sort of have to understand the rules of it. People talk about ‘breaking into Hollywood,’ which I always find fascinating because life is not an event, it’s a process right and I think when people think about…people are very given to stories in their craft and their dream of what it is they want to accomplish in show business. But very few people really think about the business side of the equation and I find a lot of creatives in particular are not intentionally random but they end up being random in their approach, focusing on craft not thinking about how they’re going to navigate.

As if our industry is somehow different from all other industries which it’s not…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Gary W. Goldstein has produced some of Hollywood’s biggest box-office hits (Pretty Woman, Under Siege, The Mothman Prophecies and more), generating well over One Billion Dollars in worldwide revenue, receiving multiple Academy Award nominations, People’s Choice Awards, a Golden Globe and other honors. Before moving to Los Angeles, Gary practiced as an attorney in San Francisco. He later served as president of two divisions of IAM.com, an internet entertainment company successfully funded at $50MM. Gary’s passion as a storyteller goes beyond producing the work of gifted screenwriters. He’s committed to sharing with everyone who desires real success and enduring careers as a creative professional his smart, simple strategies that magically transform talent into business success more rapidly and with greater ease. Gary’s spoken at TEDx La Jolla, been published by the Huffington Post, and was a contributing author for the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s newest publication “Stickability”. Gary also regularly speaks to creative audiences and has given talks at American Film Institute, UCLA, Emerson College, De Anza College, the Dallas Screenwriters Association, the Great American Pitchfest and beyond. Gary’s latest endeavor includes CreativeEdge.com where he helps creative professionals have their voices heard, their stories told, and to turn their talents into a career. 

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