Mistakes Beginning Writers Make Starting A Book – Kim O’Hara

Film Courage: How do you know when a writer is holding back? Let’s say I bring to you what I think is a traumatic scene and you read it and you say yeah it sounds traumatic but I’m not…it’s missing…something’s missing here.

Kim O’Hara, Author/Book Coach/Speaker/Podcaster: When they write more about the other person in the scene than them, that’s how I know they’re holding back. They’re not talking about themselves, they’re taking that other person’s inventory and it’s more about that other person. So I’ll say Well, this isn’t a book about that person, how did you feel in that situation? That’s a number one example you can actually see it before they even start writing the book typically. They’ll (a client) will come to me, this isn’t I don’t mean typically in this situation this is how it unfolds, I’ve got all this other writing that I’ve done and I’d love for you to read it all because I think I want to include it all in the book and I’ll go Well, how much…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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Kim O’Hara was born in Warren, Rhode Island, and produced her first motion picture at the age of 25. She was the screenwriter on American Reunion. She is very open about the fact that she thought she could make movies about troubled characters to heal audiences, but found frustration in limited distribution of her films. Her personal crisis and recovery from sexual abuse and addictions after the birth of her second child led her to discover book coaching, and she opened her company A Story Inside. She coaches women ready to speak their truth through writing their books. Writing is a challenge for many people, then add in recovery from the shame and denial of sexual abuse. Kim’s book makes healing through writing accessible to anyone with her signature writing prompts. No subject is untouched, from spirituality to sexuality, and she is candid about all the maneuvers she did to avoid facing this dark shadow in her life. 


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