Adapting A Novel Into A Short Film – Adam Cushman

Film Courage: What was your process like for adapting your own novel into a short film? 

Writer/Director/Actor Adam Cushman: Great I love talking about this! So a little back story, I had created a company that does trailers for books and novels that sort of took off right away just because they had been a thing but they weren’t done very well and I was like Ooh, what if we do them really well and make them cinematic? It caught on and I was able through producing those get a feel for how to streamline in a way that’s faithful to the book but at the same time isn’t obsessively clinging to plot elements that no one is really going to care about,  who’s watching a one minute trailer? That prepared me for about a year and a half to make cut because originally when I wrote the script for the short it was all straight up adaptation…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).






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