Every Filmmaker Needs That One Movie That Can Boost Their Career – Phil Hawkins

Phil Hawkins, Filmmaker: My manager had kind of always said We just need that one piece of work, Phil. That one thing that we can really shout about.

Film Courage: How has ORIGINS changed your life?

Phil: That’s a big question. It has changed in terms of personally the film has brought that hunger back that maybe was becoming a little bit tired to all the frustrations of making film and doing it for so long and not quite getting there (wherever there is). Now I feel revitalized and refreshed and just kind of reborn in a way in terms of Wow! If we can pull that off then actually we can make some really cool stuff and I feel like I’ve finally made something that is very me (which I know is a weird thing to say when you’re kind of ripping off existing films and things) but hopefully still has some of my personality and my perspective…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Phil Hawkins is an award-winning commercials and features director. He’s directed hundreds of television ads globally and made five feature films released by Sony Pictures, Lionsgate and Netflix. Most recently he’s written and directed Star Wars: Origins, a film shot location in the Sahara Desert that’s taken 3 years to make combining his love of Star Wars and Indiana Jones in a unique re-telling of the beginnings of the saga.










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