Has Hollywood Run Out Of Ideas? – Peter Katz

Peter Katz, Story Driven CEO
: If you feel you’re not getting what you want and you’re a storyteller, maybe you’re the one that sees something that needs a resurface that you like or you see something that’s not there ever and never been there and you want to destroy the current movement. You want to put it into the passé and this is your critique on it, then you should.  

Film Courage: Has Hollywood run out of ideas, Peter? 

Peter: No, because you can’t run out of human experiences and everybody who’s ever been born looks at the world in a different way.  

Film Courage: Why do we hear this so much? We see it in our comments, we hear it all the time that it seems we’ve run out of ideas. We’re only repeating the same story or IP [intellectual property] over and over again? 

Peter: It depends where you look. I’m sure that it’s also a taste thing because some movies get made more, some kind of character or genre and there’s an audience for that. If we’re adventurous, just go on Letterboxd. Letterboxd is like the coolest website/app around and it just has so much exploration for movies. During the pandemic I created a crime film club where I would curate movies to my friends and some of them were in Asia and all around the world and we before we’d hop on a zoom call, we’d watch one of these movies that I picked and I used Letterboxd to find them and every title I tried to pick something that was obscure and nobody’s seen in the group because there are some cinephiles…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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