Developing A Script With A Producer And Bringing It To Market – Adisa

Film Courage: Can we talk about the time frame and the conversation that you had with Howard [Barish] about developing or redeveloping the script for Skin In The Game. He said “I like it,” but…?

Adisa, Writer/Director: Yeah, so Howard had liked it and there was no commitment, there was no commitment that he was gonna make it. There was no… I mean we were just doing the dance if you will. At the time because it was benefiting the script and because it was becoming better. I was like Okay, this works you know what I mean but I didn’t know if he was going to make it or not. I didn’t know at the end of this journey…so I was still sort of still trying to find a way to do it independently. I was still trying to raise a hundred thousand dollars here. I thought maybe we could have done it for $300,000-$200,000. I was like Okay, well maybe at one point I’m thinking we can do it for $50,000? I don’t know if I was…I’m not going to use one of these word desperate, but I wanted to make a movie, I wanted to make a movie right, but you’ve got to be careful with that word desperation because that desperate causes you to rush a script into production…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).





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