Page 1 Screenplay Analysis For The Romantic Comedy ‘Electric Love’ – Victoria Fratz

Film Courage: Let’s do a page 1 analysis for your movie ELECTRIC LOVE. It’s a feature film and it’s won many awards, correct?

Victoria Fratz, Actress/Producer/Writer: It did well in the film festival circuit, yes.

Film Courage: Excellent. In this script we are immediately introduced to Emma Warren [played by Mia Serafino] and she is sitting in her car. We don’t know too much about her. We just know she’s in her 20’s. She’s putting makeup on. Can you talk about why it was a vague description?

Victoria: Sure…and before I even answer I am very worried that screenwriters are going to be like You were always meant to do a character description! For some reason we don’t exactly do that all of the time, possibly because it’s Aaron [Fradkin] and I. We are the ones creating the script and we know exactly what we’re looking for and we know that the character will be described via her dialogue…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Victoria Fratz is an actress, producer, and writer based in Los Angeles, California. Most notably known for her role in romantic comedy, Electric Love and her large social media presence. Victoria got national recognition through features in Forbes and Adweek for her surge in social media fame. Her latest project VAL is currently in post-production. Victoria (along with partner Aaron Fradkin) operate the independent production studio/Youtube channel Social House Films.








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