The Big Problem With Being A British Filmmaker – Phil Hawkins

Film Courage: Phil, what are the biggest obstacles that have held you back from being a Hollywood director?

Phil Hawkins, Writer/Director: Well…yeah…I’m still chasing that. I can’t quite call myself a Hollywood director…yet! So what is holding me back? Maybe location, I think? There is obviously this kind of pre-Covid (maybe post-Covid) answer to this about working from anywhere. But I feel that it’s hard to try and make big commercial film in a…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Phil Hawkins is an award-winning commercials and features director. He’s directed hundreds of television ads globally and made five feature films released by Sony Pictures, Lionsgate and Netflix. Most recently he’s written and directed Star Wars: Origins, a film shot location in the Sahara Desert that’s taken 3 years to make combining his love of Star Wars and Indiana Jones in a unique re-telling of the beginnings of the saga.









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