Is It Bad For Writers To Follow Rules? – Andrew Warren

Film Courage: We will pick back up on the business of writing in a little bit but we had a comment on our Youtube channel and it is “The more movies are structured the more movies will feel unoriginal. Templates are fine if you don’t mind to be unoriginal. If you’re an aspiring scriptwriter and want to stand out from the crowd you better come up with something fresh, something that doesn’t follow ‘the rules’ and still works as a compelling story. Remember: Most stories follow conventions, real life doesn’t. So if you want to create a compelling story that is fresh and true to life, stay away from the conventions.” Thoughts?  

Andrew Warren, Author: I think when you talk about conventions there are two ways you can look at it as the writer’s conventions in terms of the story structure and the beats and the system (if any) that you choose to follow, but I also think there are the audience’s conventions, especially in independent publishing…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Andrew Warren is the international best-selling author of the Thomas Caine thriller series. Andrew also writes the space fantasy series Tales of Talon under the pen name of A.A. Warren. Andrew was born in New Jersey, and studied film and English at the University of Miami. He has over a decade of experience in the television and motion picture industry, where he has worked as a post production supervisor, story producer, and writer. He currently lives in Southern California.

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