What If You Have Trouble Lighting A Scene? – Andy Rydzewski

Film Courage: What is lighting and why do you light?

Andy Rydzewski, Cinematographer: Lighting…funny when I started lighting in grad school it was purely motivated by exposure. I was shooting on film and started shooting on Reversal 16mm which is difficult to light and does not have much latitude and if you screw up, it’s gone. I was lighting purely to have exposure. So if you looked at some of the films (student films) that I had lit, there was nothing attractive about them but they were exposed. Now I suppose it goes back to your question about a great shot or something. It’s intention, it’s always intention…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).









Andy Rydzewski has shot features, TV series, commercials, shorts, docs, skits, etc. He has two graduate degrees (MFA in screenwriting and an MA in film production) from Humboldt State University. His latest completed project is the Hulu series PEN15 starring Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, Melora Walters and more.


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