How Artists Can Benefit From Creative Visualization – Erica Wernick

Film Courage: Do you believe in visualization?

Erica Wernick, Personal Coach, Author and Speaker: Yes.

Film Courage: How does it work?

Erica: Well, it works however you want it to work but I am really fascinated by the science behind it. I just think it’s so fascinating. Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches a lot of the science behind it and so I am fascinated. He gave this really good example of an experiment that they did. I don’t know if he conducted it or someone else did a long time ago where they monitored the brain of somebody rehearsing practicing the piano. It was a certain amount of hours, a couple days a week or something. They literally would get brain scans (I don’t know the scientific term) but they studied their brain to see what happens, what part of the brain lights up when you’re rehearsing playing the piano.

Then they did the same thing but asked him to just rehearse it in his mind…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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BIO: Twelve years ago, Erica Wernick (personal coach, author, speaker) had a dream of working in Hollywood, but she didn’t know a soul and had zero connections. Despite all this, Erica was able to break in and booked her first TV show just two weeks after moving to LA. Over the past decade, Erica has lived her dream, designing graphics for television and film. You can see her work on hit shows like Glee, The Office, Superstore, and most recently Top Chef. After fulfilling her own dream, Erica felt called to help other Hollywood creatives with their dreams, and started a coaching business. Since then, Erica has developed a reputation as Hollywood’s Leading Success Coach, and between herself and her clients, they’ve booked work on over 60 television shows and films on every major network, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and more.



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