3 Ways Distributors Rip Off Filmmakers – Jeff Deverett

Film Courage: Jeff a lot of filmmakers complain…for lack of a better word…about getting screwed by distributors with hidden costs and different things. Can you talk about how this happens and what filmmakers should look out for?

Jeff Deverett, Film Producer, Entrepreneur, Writer, DirectorIt’s very real. I mean a lot of filmmakers…the right word is screwed. All of the sudden you get a statement and you owe them money because they’ve spent so much on marketing and this kind of stuff and you think like Where did that go? So listen, a lot of it is real. I’ve spoke about marketing and how important it is and you should tuck away a lot of money to market. The distributor is marketing for you. Hopefully they are spending lots of money on your behalf to market your film to get it out there. You want them to do that. The only problem is sometimes they spend in areas that benefit them and not you…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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