Tips On Writing The First Draft Of Screenplay – Brian Avenet-Bradley

Film Courage: How long should it take you to write the first draft of a screenplay? What is your typical turnaround time for the first draft?

Brian Avenet-Bradley, Writer/Director: It’s interesting because usually the way I write a script is I am usually working on another finishing the previous movie. I tend to use a certain amount of my free time on developing a story, jotting down. I can spend a long time jotting down ideas while I am working on something else. Once it meets critical mass and there are enough ideas jotted down, then it’s just a matter of me going Yes! I am going to write that into a script and finding the time to do that. I can usually buckle down at that point after having spent all that time with the ideas and developing the characters there. I know the basic plot, I know set pieces, all of that has been slowly accumulated over months and months by doing something else. The first draft can happen really fast…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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