How A Horror Short Film Got Two Million Views On YouTube – Victoria Fratz

Film Courage: How did your short film DIET go viral?

Victoria Fratz, Actress/Producer/Writer:  I wish I knew. I’m just kidding. I think with DIET first of all we have isolated a few things that work well for us on Youtube and that is a really interesting thumbnail. You just learn that again by doing so we had BEDHEAD (like I already described) we had a conversation with Crypt TV (this big channel). They were interested in promoting BEDHEAD on their channel and they asked for some assets from us. When they asked for the thumbnail they wanted us to brighten it and show the monster in a certain way, they are a massive channel. Once we learned learned that we were like that must be what is working for them, let’s do that for us. And I wanted to say that…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Victoria Fratz is an actress, producer, and writer based in Los Angeles, California. Most notably known for her role in romantic comedy, Electric Love and her large social media presence. Victoria got national recognition through features in Forbes and Adweek for her surge in social media fame. Her latest project VAL is currently in post-production. Victoria (along with partner Aaron Fradkin) operate the independent production studio/Youtube channel Social House Films.








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