How To Get 4 Movies On Netflix In 2 Years — Shaun Paul Piccinino

Film Courage: We are going to break the fourth wall here and we’re going to title this video How To Get Four Movies On Netflix In Two Years. Now we just need you to give us the nuts and bolts of how this happens and we can put that title on it.

Shaun Paul Piccinino, Filmmaker: Are you saying from start to finish?

Film Courage: Yes, so what are those four movies and what are the genres? Maybe we will start with that?

Shaun: Okay, sure. I was lucky enough to get to direct and work on four films that have all been released this year in 2020 on Netflix, which is kind of mind boggling. It was never planned that way. I think this year has brought a lot of curveballs. A lot of people were looking for a lot of content so it kind of worked out. But the first movie I did that was released on Netflix was ROPED and it’s a coming-of-age…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).






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