Top 25 2020 Most Viewed Film Courage Videos

Top 25 2020 Most Viewed Film Courage Videos


1 – Where Writers Go Wrong With Story – Mark W. Travis

2 – Learning Screenplay Story Structure – CSUN Professor Eric Edson [Full Version – Screenwriting Masterclass]

3 – 11 Minute Rule Screenwriters And Filmmakers Should Know – Shane Stanley

4 – Producers Don’t Want To Read Your Screenplay, Here’s What They Really Want – Shane Stanley

5 – The Mistake I Made When Hollywood Stole My Screenplay – Shane Stanley

6 – Mistakes That Screenwriters Make On Page 1 – Shannan E. Johnson

7 – How A Master Storyteller Keeps The Audience Engaged – Mark W. Travis

8 – How To Get A Movie On Netflix – Jeff Deverett

9 – Big Mistake Screenwriters Make With Their First Screenplay – Shannan E. Johnson

10 – 14 Movie Characters Writers Should Know – CSUN Professor Eric Edson [Full Version – Screenwriting Masterclass]

11 – Screenplay Mistakes A Producer Will Immediately Identify – Stanley M. Brooks

12 – A Professional Script Vs An Amateur Script – Mark Sanderson

13 – How To Start A Screenplay – Shannan E. Johnson

14 – The Mistake Screenwriters Make With Structure – Shannan E. Johnson

15 – Big Reason Why Many People Will Never Have A Career In The Film Industry – Shane Stanley

16 – What If Producers Steal Your Screenplay? – Rachel K. Ofori

17 – Business and Craft Of Screenwriting – Corey Mandell [FULL INTERVIEW]


18 – 5 Things A Screenplay Has To Have To Get A Producer’s Attention – Rachel K. Ofori

19 – Dumb Way To Write A Screenplay – Mark Sanderson

20 – How To Write Authentic Characters And Dialogue – Corey Mandell

21 – The Sequencing Of A Story: Where To Start And Finish? – Mark W. Travis

22 – Harsh Truths About Being A Screenwriter – Mark Sanderson

23 – 3 Mistakes Screenwriters Make With Loglines – Naomi Beaty

24 – The Sentence That Ended A Filmmaking Career – Daniel Stamm

25 – How Does A Writer Know What They Are Good At? – Shannan E. Johnson



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This is the third feature from Writer/Director Scott Dunn and Producer Gina Gomez Dunn. They successfully raised funds for the sequel via Kickstarter and managed to complete production only 2 days before all film productions shut down due to the pandemic. Because of the lockdowns, Scott Dunn had to tackle post-production by himself (editing, color correction, effects, and sound) and release the flick in time for the holidays.