How Does A Writer Find The Emotional Core Of Their Story? – Naomi Beaty

Film Courage: How does a writer create an emotional core for their story where the audience will relate and go on the journey and feel the ups-and-downs?

Naomi Beaty, Writer, Screenwriting Teacher and Consultant: I usually talk about the emotional core as being sort of a combination of four components — actually five — so there’s another fifth stealth element here. The four that I think are involved are the things that basically the character has to prioritize over the course of the story and the way they prioritize those things (sort of the change in their priorities) shows us the effect that the plot events have had on them if that makes sense. They start out in a status quo, so they have (we’re going to just get real technical with it) so they start out with an inner drive, some sort of inner motivation that’s motivating…(Watch the video on Youtube here).


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