How To Get A Movie On Netflix – Jeff Deverett

Jeff Deverett, Film Producer, Entrepreneur, Writer, Director: Here’s the big question, how does a new filmmaker even get the first appointment? How do you get the first time in there? Here is how I think you get in.

Film Courage: I believe you have three movies currently on Netflix? Did you pitch all of those movies yourself to Netflix?

Jeff: Okay, so the three movies first of all FULL OUT is the first movie (it’s a gymnastics movie). The second one is called KISS AND CRY (it’s a skating movie). And the third one is called FALL OUT 2: YOU GOT THIS (which is actually starting on January 1st). So it’s already sold and delivered to Netflix but they’re actually starting airing it on January 1st. It’s another gymnastics movie. We were supposed to start it during the Olympics last summer, but of course there were no Olympics so they held it until January. I say it’s on because it’s delivered and that’s when it’s going to start worldwide. Luckily back then when I pitched the first one they were open to hear pitches from independent producers. I got lucky because the timing. They were a big company but they weren’t what they are today. So they were still taking pitches from indie producers. I went in there and I pitched them myself and I learned a lot. It’s a whole different style. They get so many pitches. I didn’t know this back then, you’ve got to keep those pitches really short. Get to the point because they get so many of them that they get tired of hearing them…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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