The Mistake I Made When Hollywood Stole My Screenplay – Shane Stanley

Film Courage: Without naming names, can you tell us a story about how a studio took your script or one of your ideas?

Shane Stanley, Filmmaker/Author/Instructor:  Which time? I’m a really big proponent of protecting your work. I will go on record to say don’t waste your time or your $20.00 or $30.00 doing WGA West. It’s a waste of time, it doesn’t do anything. It’s not going to do what you want it to do. Spend the extra $25.00 and go with the USCO (U.S. Library of Congress), US Copyright office is what that stands for. The process is just as easy. The copyrights last forever not five years. Copyrights cover your legal expenses to defend the fact that you got ripped off. As we’re young and naive coming up in Hollywood we tend to really love to share our work with people and I always tell people don’t you dare send a script to anybody until it’s finished and copy written because it’s too easy the person you are sending it to could steal it. The person that you sent it to could send it to a friend who needs an idea or Hey I’m thinking about getting into screenwriting. Do you have any scripts laying around that I can look at and kind of use as a model? The easiest thing for a new writer is to look at somebody else’s work and just copy it. It’s what happens. I’ve been ripped off over the years. I actually had a script get produced by…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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