Realizing You Will Never Make Another Movie Again — Joe Wilson

Film Courage: Why is storytelling important to you?

Joe Wilson, Writer/Director/Comedian/Photographer: I guess I feel like to some degree it’s a service…not like a car repair service but you are in service to storytelling whether it’s…nobody starts and makes money or few people do. If you’re telling stories then it’s because you’re spending time with these characters and building this world most of the time without anyone watching, without anyone seeing and so you’re alone with it but you’re making it to give to other people so it’s a service, you are at the service of the reader, the audience, whoever is experiencing whatever you’re making and whatever medium or media as the case may be. So I guess it’s important to me because I feel like I’m helping a little bit.

Film Courage: For what? What are you helping?

Joe: Stories give people somewhere to go away from all this stuff to suspend their disbelief to go hang out with a…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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Vampire Mob is an original series with cast from Boardwalk Empire, The Sopranos, The Simpsons, Parks & Recreation and Criminal Minds.

“Entertaining, funny, and well written, at its heart Vampire Mob is really a story about family and the challenges we all face as we try to get through this world. Even if it is a world populated with vampires and hit men.”


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