Mistakes On The First Screenplay — Travis Seppala

Film Courage: I think you finished your first feature script was it 2005?

Travis Seppala, Author/Screenwriter: Yes 2005, that was the one I mentioned earlier. It was like a personal thing I had gone though and I was kind of writing as therapy sort of thing. I didn’t know any of the rules of screenwriting or anything like that. I was just sort of working out my own issues with it from what was going on in my life.

Film Courage: Sorry…this was at the alarm company?

Travis: No, in 2005 I was still in Michigan.

Film Courage: Massage therapy?

Travis: No, it was even before then because I didn’t go to massage school until 2010. I would have been at that time working in a movie theater as a concessions clerk as one of my jobs. I had four jobs simultaneously at that time. I won’t go into the details of what the personal issue was.

Film Courage: Sure, that’s fine.

Travis: Although it’s weird. I have a bunch of people who have read a bunch of my scripts who still think that’s my best script to date. I’m like that’s impossible because I’ve written so many scripts since then but maybe because it’s my most personal thing because I was literally taking the stuff that was happening to me and made the exact same things happen to the character and then kind of just the things I wish I would have done…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).









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