Why Does Subplot Matter? What Writers Should Know – Naomi Beaty

Film Courage: What is subplot?

Naomi Beaty, Writer, Screenwriting Teacher and Consultant: Hmmm…what is subplot? I would say a true subplot is any plot separate from or plot line separate from the A-story that has its own goal and through line. The through line is going to be created by the pursuit of the goal. It could be your protagonist with another goal that they are trying to pursue. I guess that’s maybe the most common example that we could pull up would be your character is trying to rob a series of banks and then there is a romantic subplot. So he is also trying to have a romantic relationship with someone who has nothing to do with the banks right? It’s its own goal that has its own arc through the movie so I would call that a true subplot. You could also have a subplot that is driven by another character…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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