A Dumb Way To Write A Screenplay – Mark Sanderson

Film Courage: What is the stupidest way to write a screenplay?

Mark Sanderson, Screenwriter/Author: You are talking to someone who is a big fan of the outline so…and not that the person who doesn’t is stupid…

Film Courage: But those are my words not yours.

Mark: Your words.

Film Courage: My words…Karen’s words.

Mark: Send the letters and cards.

Film Courage: They know the email.

Mark: It would just to sit down and say I got an idea. A half-baked idea that really wasn’t thought out. And you can do what you want which is fine but I just think you may find there’s a scene in there that is great and brilliant but a cohesive through line and all that it takes time, it takes work. This isn’t something that just spills out. Some people say I can just spill a script out in a week. Well that’s just fantastic and maybe you can do that. Everybody has their own way but there are a lot of pitfalls in doing that with the story and things aren’t working and I hate when I sit there and I write something that I know is just bad and…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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In this special Film Courage video lecture, Author/Screenwriter Mark Sanderson presents Staying In The Game: Surviving As A Working Screenwriter in Hollywood for a live audience (with Q&A) – recorded in North Hollywood, CA September 25th, 2018.

Watch the video interview on Youtube here



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About Mark Sanderson:

Mark Sanderson (aka @scriptcat) is a Los Angeles based screenwriter, author, script consultant and sometimes actor blessed to be living his childhood dream of making movies with thirty-six screenplays written in genres ranging from comedy to drama. His work ranges from his sketch comedy writing and performing as a founding member with The Amazing Onionheads, writing for MTV, to his spec sale, and twenty screenplay assignments with television premieres and worldwide distribution of his fourteen emotionally compelling films— the WWII indie feature “I’ll Remember April,” Lifetime Network’s “An Accidental Christmas” and “Deck the Halls,” the stylish indie noir feature “Stingers,” action-packed thrillers “USS Poseidon: Phantom Below” (aka HereTV’s “Tides of War”) and SyFy Network’s “Sea Snakes” (aka Fox’s “Silent Venom”), Lifetime Network’s highly rated thrillers “Mommy’s Little Girl,” and “A Night to Regret,” and the LMN Network premieres “Mother of All Lies,” “A Wedding to Die For,” “One Small Indiscretion,”“Hunted by My Ex,” “Family Vanished,” and the upcoming thriller “My Daughter Vanished.”

Mark’s films have premiered on Lifetime Network, LMN, SyFy, Fox, HereTV, HBO Canada, Christmas 24, NBC/Universal, The Movie Network, and have been distributed globally. His films have been recognized at festivals including a premiere and opening the Palm Springs Int. Film Festival, premieres at the Hawaii Int. Film Festival, St. Louis Int. Film Festival, The Rainbow Festival in Hawaii, Newport Beach Int. Film Festival, Fort Lauderdale Int. Festival, and nominated for the Starboy award at the Oulu Int. Children’s Film Festival in Finland.

Mark’s long association with award winning Hollywood filmmakers dates back to his first produced screenplay and has since worked with Academy Award® winning producers, veteran directors, and has written films starring Academy Award®, Golden Globe®, and Emmy® acting nominees and winners. Mark is also a screenplay consultant and his new book, “A Screenwriter’s Journey to Success” is now available on Amazon…(Read more here).


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