LA Has Lots Of Fakes, Flakes and Sharks — Chad Meisenheimer

Film Courage: When did you first move to Los Angeles?

Chad Meisenheimer, Actor/Writer/Comic/Director: The first time I moved to Los Angeles was in 2008 to 2009. It was actually a year after my brother’s death. I was kind of like running away from my problems. Because I was already in the business for awhile, I was already making films in Northern California and producing stuff and directing and acting. But I was like Okay I want to step up my game. Came down here then and after a year I was like Whoah? I don’t know if I want to…LA is an interesting thing. I moved back up to Sacramento and started to focus on comedy (I was doing stand-up) and did that for about five years. I was like Ahh, I am done with the film business…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


About Chad (from IMDB Bio):

Born in the 1980’s but raised by the 1990’s. Chad Meisenheimer is an award-winning and critically acclaimed Los Angeles based Content Creator – Actor – Comedian – Podcast Host originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. He formed MaxiMeise Productions with his late brother, Brent Meisenheimer (1986-2007) in 2000 while attending the film department at Solano Community College. Chad has also co-founded Just Trust Me Productions with Chester Finney (2011-2013) and Chad Meisenheimer Comedy Presents in 2012. He’s an alumni from Solano Community College with an Associate of Arts Degree in Film/Television Production and a graduate of the two year acting conservatory, the Actors Training Program in partnership with Solano College Theater (Now defunct).






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