Living And Working In Hollywood But Not Creating – Adam Davis

Film Courage: At what point at Drake University did you know you were going to move to Los Angeles?

Adam Davis, Writer/Director: That is a good question. I was thinking about dropping out in freshman year because I sort of got that bug of like Well, maybe this is not the right place for me? I had this advisor (Todd Evans) who was great and he convinced me Just stay in it, just keep doing it. You will learn a lot here. It may not be film school but in this program you will really learn a lot.

And so I did, I stuck into it and I am happy that I did because it really allowed me when I was in my senior year to go ahead and take the chance to get an internship in Los Angeles. My dad knew somebody who lived out here and had access to the UTA job list. I have no idea if that is still a thing? But it was full of jobs and internships and everything. So I just started submitting internships like mad, like get me out there for a summer. I need a summer internship. I need to know if Los Angeles is right for me because there were a couple of other places that were filmmaker friendly. I think Austin [Texas] was a place that I was thinking about. Doing it in Minnesota wasn’t a thing, back in the day there wasn’t really a lot of people doing film in Minnesota. I think that has changed?…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


Writer/Director Adam Davis has created numerous short films and has half a decade of professional on-set experience. The short films that he’s written, directed, produced and edited have garnered first place wins in various film festivals around the country since 2002. In total, his short films have won 13 top awards.

In 2016, Adam self-financed his debut feature film that he shot in just 4 days. BROKEN CEILING found distribution in 2018 and opened to stellar reviews from The Los Angeles Times. The film is now available on iTunes, Amazon, TubiTV and many other VOD services where it’s receiving rave reviews from the public. 

Adam and his writing partner, Will Corona Pilgrim, successfully Kickstarted a horror/action short film titled NO TOUCHING, which stars Zoë Bell, Heidi Moneymaker, Jake Busey, Tracie Thoms, Kevin Daniels and Doug Jones. It has amassed over 1 million views on YouTube and Facebook. 

Adam’s most recent project is a short film called LOSING SIGHT, about a man struggling with the new life he’s forced to live as a blind man. 








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