The Idea: How Does A Filmmaker Know They Have The Right One? — Brian Avenet-Bradley

Film Courage: Where does a movie begin for you?

Brian Avenet-Bradley, Filmmaker: I think for me a movie really begins with an idea or the key story element or the what if. Some times Lo [filmmaking partner Laurence Avenet-Bradley] will have an idea or a dream and say This is really great. And I always jot it down, her dream and ideas and my dreams, when I have an idea or thought I wake up from or if I am daydreaming. I try to write all of those little thoughts down and then eventually what I find happens is some of those that get written down there is one that kind of keeps chirping, keeps like Hey! More ideas come to it and at a certain point it reaches critical mass. Usually when I have 10 or 12 pages of ideas relating to a particular story it kind of reaches the critical mass where I start going okay now I’m going to figure out what this is as a real script. All of these ideas are great and then…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).




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