Dave Krunal’s Award Winning Gujarati Time-Travel Thriller CHAKR (THE CYCLE) Now Available

Chakr (The Cycle) is an upcoming Gujarati time-travel thriller short film written, directed, and produced by Dave Krunal. It’s a story about an Uber driver who witnesses an unexpected event after dropping a lady passenger.

Chakr is based on a domestic violence event that the filmmaker witnessed in his neighbourhood. The film stars Gaurav Patel, Morli Thakkar Palan, and Sandy Singh in the lead roles. 

Chakr (The Cycle) had an international premiere in Los Angeles at International Gujarati Film Festival (2019). It has won an award for the “Best Short Film.” The short movie also won “Best Direction” at Gujarati International Short Film Festival and “Best Fiction Film”  awards at Karnavati International Film Festival.

Dave Krunal, an emerging Melbourne based indie filmmaker, defines film’s visual experience as an amalgam of four different perspectives to witness an unusual event.

The official trailer of Chakr (The Cycle) is out. The full film releases on Dave Krunal’s YouTube channel on 7th August 2020.



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Dave Krunal is an emerging independent filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. His passion for photography and writing inspired him to discover a unique voice in filmmaking. He has experimented with a diverse range of subjects in his short films since 2012. He often explores the dark side of the conventional regime and uses fear as a central emotion in his movies. His debut mystery thriller short film “Curious” without dialogues explored the negative spectrum of curiosity. The film was praised for its visual storytelling and mise en scène and won awards in Mexico, Barcelona, and India’s prestigious Dada Saheb Phalke International Film Festival. Dave later produced and directed several short films to hone his craft and filmmaking style. His Hindi short “Sunday” is a poetic narration about childhood nostalgia. “Waterbomb,” a 60-second short to raising global water shortage awareness, and “Love is not in the glass” to support gender equality. Dave Krunal’s latest buzz is Chakr (The Cycle), three awards winner Gujarati time-travel thriller based on his domestic violence witness incident. He is currently developing a story for his first indie thriller feature film project.


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Chakr (The Cycle) is a three award-winning new Gujarati movie written, directed and produced by Dave Krunal. It’s a story about an Uber driver who witnesses an unusual event after dropping a lady passenger that changes his night. Watch it for FREE on Youtube here.