Why Is It Hard To Get Into A Writing Flow? — Matthew Kalil

Film Courage: What does it mean to tap into a well when it comes to story?

Matthew Kalil, Screenwriter/Author/Instructor: In my book The Three Wells of Screenwriting I use the metaphor of a well because for me wells are…I mean in the desert they are needed obviously to provide life blood of water to survive. You can’t really survive in a desert without them and I don’t think we can survive without stories.

For me tapping into a well is taking that metaphor and expanding it a bit and digging into either other movies you’ve seen or your imagination or your memory and literally drawing up water which are stories to kind of feed the tribe.

I always like the idea of a well because wells are mysterious. They go down into some sort of a groundwater…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Bio: Matthew Kalil is a writer, director and script editor. He has written and co-written over 40 produced episodes of TV and has received various grants, development funding and awards. Matthew’s productions have been screened and broadcast in Canada, Denmark, Morocco, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Kenya, South Africa, Thailand, the United States and the United Kingdom. Since receiving his MA in Screenwriting, he has been teaching, writing and mentoring students for close to 20 years. Matthew has developed a unique system of screenwriting theory that helps beginners as well as established screenwriters get in touch with their creative cores. His workshops have touched and inspired thousands of participants. His gentle and insightful script editing guidance has helped many writers realize the stories they were always trying to tell.

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