What Makes A Great Movie Director? — Bruce Logan

Film Courage: What do you think makes a great director?

Bruce Logan, Writer/Director/Cinematographer: Well for the longest time I was trying to discern what that was because if you go on the kind of sets I like where you see everybody working and you know the AD is shouting out all of the instructions and doing this and that and the whole movie is really taking place in the director’s head.

For me to go on set and see what the director’s process is is almost impossible because if he has done his job right and he’s cast the actors and he has cast the crew and when he gets to the set except for like steering the ship (a little bit this way, a little bit that way) there shouldn’t really be anything for him to do. He should be able to sit back and let all of these building blocks that he’s put together come before that camera that day to let that happen.

Now there are a lot of directors where that is not their style. Also I always seem to get myself involved in projects that I don’t have enough time for and then I have to be very proactive and Okay the camera is coming here. On those kind of movies you can tell who the real director is. But my impression for going on set with some of the great directors is you can’t really see what their process is. It’s really hard to know what people’s process is except for by the quality of their product.

Film Courage: What do you think of the cliché that some directors are afraid of actors? Is this true? Or do you think some people operate better being removed and letting them do their thing giving the appearance of fear?

Bruce: Well it’s funny because Kubrick has a reputation…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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