Jason Innocent’s Controversial Documentary ‘Masculinity’ On The Pressures Of Manliness Now Available On YouTube

Brooklyn, NY, May 4, 2020: Jason Innocent, a Brooklyn-based conceptual artist who works to explore race, language, contemporary social issues, and gender norms through painting, drawing, writing, and film. This week announced his latest project, a controversial independent documentary film titled “Masculinity (2020),” is officially available for viewing on YouTube.

Interviewing both men and women as the documentary explores their thoughts, assumptions, and pressures of being a man, Masculinity covers what it means to be a man today, female masculinity, toxic masculinity, and the pressures of society on the definition of manliness.

“It’s no secret we are living during a controversial time to be a man today, both for better and for worse,” said Jason. “Toxic masculinity is being exposed at the highest levels of government and Hollywood, yet this kind of transparency is also fueling a war on men that’s making it harder to be confident in one’s manliness today. I decided to direct a film that explores all of these topics, as well as the lesser-known details.”

First achieving fame as a graffiti writer, much like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring before him, Jason is a product of the Flatbush neighborhoods that inspired him growing up. As the son of a Haitian-born father and mother, Jason was exposed to a cultural clash in his home every day, fueling his desire to wander through New York City art galleries.

Finding inspiration in the world around him right through the biggest concrete jungle in the world, by 2019, Jason had debuted his second solo exhibition, called Bold Stripes, Bright Stars, and Social Issues. From there, Jason has made a name for himself as an artist who isn’t afraid to push boundaries.

Jason says “Societal expectations and assumptions of what being a man is cause men to be unhappy with who they are when they cannot meet these unrealistic expectations. Some men don’t know how to be a man.  There are different ways to show it. I thought a film would be perfect. COVID-19 affected the production of the film, but it was still important to release it because of the subject matter.”

For those interested in viewing Masculinity, please visit Youtube here.


About the artist:

Jason Innocent (b. 1996 in Brooklyn, USA) is Brooklyn based artist. His work explores race, language, and contemporary social issues. Innocent first gained notoriety writing conceptual graffiti in lower Manhattan. Innocent was raised in Brooklyn Prospect Lefferts Gardens, where he attended Murry Bergtraum High School graduating in 2014. He graduated from the Predominantly Black College Medgar Ever College named after the civil rights Leader and NCAAP field secretary Medgar Wiley Evers (July 2, 1925 – June 12, 1963) who was assassinated in 1963.








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In Jason Innocent’s independent documentary film Masculinity he interviews both men and women as they give their thoughts on assumptions, and pressures of being a man. Masculinity covers what it means to be a man today, female masculinity, toxic masculinity, and the pressures of society on the definition of manliness.