Lynn Shelton On How She Started Her Filmmaking Career [Tribute Interview]

It is with a heavy heart that we discovered the passing of Filmmaker Lynn Shelton today. We were first introduced to Lynn by way of her John Cassavetes Spirit Award Winning ‘Humpday.’

It was with awe that we watched her career flourish to higher and higher realms in the film industry. Lynn was the kind of woman that you’d want to befriend and root for her creative success, even if you secretly wished you could emulate her style.

She was beautiful, talented and personable enough to feel like you could speak with her for hours. It’s extremely sad to see a creative light go out so soon. Lynn’s journey reminds us that staying true to writing and filmmaking that speaks to your authentic, quirky self helps people relate to the characters we create.

Thank you for the laughs and inspiration, Lynn.

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