Artist Anxiety: Coping Strategies To Deal With Stress by Jason Satterlund

Film Courage: We talked earlier about the anxiety of this business. Can we talk about why it’s high-anxiety? What can people do to work with it?

Jason Satterlund, Filmmaker: Most people I know in this business are full of anxiety. First of all most people in film don’t have full-time jobs (most people). It goes like this [motions roller coaster ride with his hands] and there is this financial anxiety. We have busy seasons. Spring, summer and fall are often really busy. Winter is usually not so…sometimes you’re like I don’t know how to pay my rent next month? That is very common unless you’re working and making gobs of money, you’re probably fine. So that’s first.

“[Film]Sets are pressure cookers.”

Second of all, we’ve all sacrificed so much to be here nobody wants to make bad stuff. When you get these opportunities you want to do a good job and you can end up putting so much pressure on yourself that you start screwing things up.

Sometimes there is anxiety for the people that you’re working with. You get a named talent, an A-lister actor that is coming in and you’re so afraid…I think it’s afraid of being…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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