How Making The Second Feature Film Is Different Than The First by Marty Lang

Film Courage: What movie are you making…actually…right after this interview?

Marty Lang, Screenwriter/Director and Assistant Professor of Film at the University of Central Arkansas/Director: Once we are finished I am going to be driving to Agoura Hills [California] where I will be directing my second feature film. It’s a film called STAY WITH ME. It’s a drama and a story about a woman who is suffering from mental illness and it’s about her best friend and her boyfriend and how they deal with the lead-up to and the aftermath of her suicide. So it’s a heavy subject matter. It’s not a heavy film, although there are certainly some emotional moments in it.

I met the co-writer of the film who was an intern of mine when I worked at Cal State Northridge. He was just dead set on making an independent film once he graduated. He bugged me for about six months and eventually I joined him on the journey and he said we can shoot at my parent’s house. I can get equipment for free. We can work with students who are graduating from CSUN Film Program and eventually I came around on it and we decided to put the team together and I hired a group of actors…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



Check out Marty’s Seed & Spark campaign for STAY WITH ME here!


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