How To Stay Motivated When Writing A Screenplay by Travis Seppala

Film Courage: How do you motivate yourself to write every day?

Travis Seppala, Screenwriter/Author: This is a discussion I’ve had with other writers because I’m very prolific in that I write lots of material every year and I write every day if I can help it. Occasionally I can’t because I’ve got too many chores and errands to run where I can’t find time to sit there. But I’m of the belief that if you want to be a writer you need to actually be writing.

I don’t need motivation I just need to get my butt in the seat and do the work. It might not always be fantastic stuff that I’m pumping out if I’m sitting there just to write to get pages out. But the act of writing is something that you need to do every single day or as frequently as you can in order to keep doing it because if you write just when you’re motivated to write, because if you’re not motivated to write for months at a time you’re not going to get any material written.

Especially because I want to do TV writing. You can’t just be like Oh sorry boss I don’t feel like writing my episode today. I’ll get it to you next week if I feel like it. It doesn’t fly. So you kind of have to motivate it and you can’t just wait for the muse to hit. You have to force the muse sometimes and tell her Okay, get your wings in here because I’m writing now, it’s time. I don’t really go with needing to motivate, it’s just that I have to write…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).






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