Screenwriting Tools and Strategies To Keep The Audience Engaged by Chapman University Professor Paul Joseph Gulino [FULL INTERVIEW]

Film Courage: If we were going to disassemble a great screenplay, take it apart and examine it, what would we find?

Author and Chapman University Professor Paul Joseph Gulino: If we disassemble a great screenplay, try to reverse-engineer it and construct our own based on that what you would find it…let’s call them techniques or tools that a screenwriter has used to keep the audience engaged…so that when the curtain goes up or you click the button and it says ‘streaming,’ that from that moment they are manipulating your mind (your brain) using various tools and techniques to keep you going from moment to moment.

The first book that I did [The Sequence Approach], this fine volume, sequences are in the title and it’s the organizing principle of the book but I actually thought sequences are kind of like the hook to get the reader to learn about all of the other techniques that you can use to keep an audience interested. There hadn’t been a book explicitly about the sequence approach before and so I thought well that’s a good angle to use but once you get the concept it’s pretty simple. But what goes on in the sequence…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



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