How Loneliness Can Drive An Artist by Phillip G. Carroll, Jr.

Film Courage: Why do you want to make movies to help people feel less isolated?

Phillip G. Carroll, Jr., Writer/Director of THE HONEYMOON PHASE: I think one of my core drives as a person is loneliness. Growing up initially in school I didn’t have a lot of friends. I was bullied a lot. It really drove me I guess creatively. Filmmaking was the first thing that made me cool as a kid. It was like Phil is a filmmaker. He can make movies. And it really allowed me to make friends because kids wanted to be involved in making a movie and being actors and doing cool things.

I really connected with that on a personal level and knowing how hard it is feeling lonely and especially as an artist too, there is so much time that you are alone. It’s very introspective. When you’re writing it’s just you and your computer and you’re writing a story that is solely in your head and then pretty much through the filmmaking process even when you’re collaborating with people it still ultimately falls back on you as the creator and the decision maker. Are you doing the right thing or the wrong thing?

So loneliness is something that drives me as a creator and a person and movies are something that I think bridges gaps in culture. When you’re watching a movie and you’re watching characters you are feeling something and you’re feeling you are connected to somebody else and you realize that your own personal demons are things that everybody shares. I think that is really important to me as a filmmaker is to be able to connect with other people in that way and to show people that no matter what you are going through in life, somebody else is going through that same exact thing. Somewhere in the world somebody has the same exact worry that you have and that you’re not alone and that is really important to me.

Film Courage: Did any of the people that bullied you reach out and say “I saw your movie. Hey man, I’m sorry about that.”

Phil: It’s funny, I think all…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).








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