There’s Only One Way To Be A Cinematographer by Bruce Logan

Film Courage: When you were hired as a cinematographer on your first film, how prepared were you that first day?

Bruce Logan, Writer/Director/Cinematographer: I think the first live-action film I shot was for a guy called Roy Cannon who was Stanley Kubrick’s prop master on 2001 and he had this little dark, noir, murder mystery that he wanted to shoot, so we shot in a three-story walk-up in London.

I have to say ignorance or arrogance I don’t know which it was? I knew how to load an Arriflex and I had a couple of sun guns where were hand held lights and I knew how to read an exposure meter and I said I could do this!That was the first…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

Watch the trailer to LOST FARE – Bruce’s new movie here.


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