Filmmaker Tara Wood Addresses Harvey Weinstein Controversy In Tarantino Documentary QT8: THE FIRST EIGHT

Film Courage: If I’m understanding this correctly Quentin Tarantino didn’t want to meet with you until the film [QT8: THE FIRST EIGHT] was finished? 

Tara Wood, Filmmaker: Yes, so part of that conversation with him and giving his blessing was that he made it very clear that he did not want to meet me and I was kind of crushed. Maybe I thought I could use them as a reference or actually to check things with them to make sure that I was doing things correctly and he’s like No…nope we’ll meet afterwards and he’s a hundred percent right of course because he understands all aspects of filmmaking including if he was part of it it could be viewed as bias right? And it would have been especially after the things that have come down during making the film. So he was absolutely right to not be involved, thanks Quentin!

Film Courage: And you started filming the first interview when? What year was this? 

Tara: It was late 2015. 

Film Courage: Okay, so different things have happened since then, different news items. What was your feeling on including some things or maybe not including some things in the film? 

Tara: While we were making the film we were almost…we had a few more interviews to go and The Weinstein Company…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).











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