Top 15 2019 Most Viewed Film Courage Video Diaries

Thank you to all the filmmakers who submitted a video diary to Film Courage!


14 Lessons From Making A $3500 Feature Film – Adam Bradley

How To Shoot A Feature Film In 3 Days – Clay Moffatt

5 Steps To Get Your Movie From Script To Screen – Allison Powell

Here’s What You Should Know Before You Make A Feature Film – Douglas Taurel

How To Write A Film For A 2-Day Competition (And Win!) – Andrew Horng

Most Difficult Lesson For First Time Filmmakers – Allison Powell

5 Tips For Making Your First Micro Budget Feature Film – Jack Peterson

5 Signs You Are Ready To Share Your Personal Story With An Audience by Macy Phung

How A Filmmaker Raised $100,000 On eBay – Flavio Alves and Roy Wol

Most Important Crowdfunding Lesson For Filmmakers – Don Swanson

A Writer’s Guide To Making A Documentary – Stuart Paul

5 Steps To Adapting A Book Into A Movie – Inside Look At Stephen King’s WILLA

5 Lessons From Making A Movie About People With Disabilities – Kevin Giles and Page Peter Wilson

Why You Should Be Filmmaking Every Day – Angelo Mike

4 Practical Tips For Making A Documentary On A Limited Budget – Ben Gummery


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