How Do You Take Your Art To The Next Level? by Josh Yeo of Make.Art.Now.

Film Courage: How do you push your art to the next level?

Josh Yeo, Artist/Founder of MAKE.ART.NOW. Youtube Channel: I think every time you do something you have to attempt something new. I try to do that in every single video. If I don’t feel like I’m on the brink of failure every time, I’m doing something wrong. Actually I get bored if I do something repetitive so I try to find a new way to do it. I think that’s probably why it takes so long for me to get out videos because there’s not really a cookie cutter thing. For me it’s all about refining that art and pushing it even further.

Film Courage: It think you had said…and this when when you were at the Youtube/Sony Camp (I think this was you who said?) if you’re not excited by what you’re making, your audience won’t either. Don’t try to pander to the audience.

Josh: It sounds like something I would say. Was this on my video or someone else’s?

Film Courage: We watched several…By the way it looks so cool to go to that Sony Camp, amazing!

Josh: Oh my gosh that was so much fun. Sony put on such a hit show for everybody. It was so great, especially being around all the other content creators and feeling that camaraderie of Hey, we’re all in the mix! So that was probably one of the healthiest things that a content creator can do for their psyche is being around other content creators who are going through the same stuff and you really learn that we are all on the same side. There is no competition of like who is doing better than who. It’s like we’re on the same team that was super helpful.

Going back to your question, I do generally feel that if I’m not invested or excited by what I am making, how am I supposed to get someone else excited about it? I have literally stopped in the middle of the episode and I’m like I don’t want to do this!…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).





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