How The First Quentin Tarantino Documentary Got Made by Tara Wood

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Film Courage: What was the first Quentin Tarantino movie that you watched?

Tara Wood, Filmmaker of QT8: The First Eight: I think it was PULP FICTION? I think it was…but very close to the same time I watched TRUE ROMANCE and linked them as Tarantino being the screenwriter.

TRUE ROMANCE really knocked me out. PULP FICTION did for the obvious reasons that everybody else kind of feels. It was like this new voice and if you missed RESERVOIR DOGS and a lot of people came to RESERVOIR DOGS through PULP FICTION and I am one of those but also TRUE ROMANCE. So those two together I was like Wow! Mia Wallace and Alabama Worley, like I was just knocked out by those gals.

Film Courage: What about Kevin Smith, too? If you’re growing up on the East Coast?

Tara: I loved Kevin Smith.

Film Courage: So sort of this whole indie filmmaker.

Tara: 90’s uprising, yes. And [Richard] Linklater [Check out Tara’s prior documentary that she co-directed 21 YEARS: RICHARD LINKLATER].

Film Courage: Did you ever envision when you watched their films that one day you would be interviewing all of the actors which he worked with?

Tara: No. I definitely wasn’t thinking that way. I was a model/actress so I limited myself in that respect I think and I have grown up into who I should be. But no, I definitely didn’t think that one day I would be sitting here talking about Quentin Tarantino and sitting with those fantastic people.

Film Courage: What made you decide to make the film? You had already made a documentary about Richard Linklater.

Tara: I co-directed Linklater with Michael Dunaway. I spent a lot of time in Austin [Texas] so I was more familiar with Rick and his work because he kind of runs that town. I was an extra on THE NEWTON BOYS. When I heard that Michael Dunaway was looking for a partner and I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Actually it was a Kevin Smith interview that we met that he was doing for Linklater. That’s how that…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).











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