What If Hollywood Didn’t Come Knocking? by David F. Sandberg

Film Courage: Theoretically do you think you could have been making money as a filmmaker if Hollywood “didn’t come knocking.” Sorry for the cliché.

David F. Sandberg, Filmmaker (a.k.a. Ponysmasher on Youtube): Like back in Sweden? Yes…maybe. But I would probably have to make different kinds of movies that would be more Scandinavian I guess? It might not necessarily be a bad thing but yes it’s an interesting time to live in with Youtube and everything like that because some people can make a living out of just doing stuff for Youtube. So I’m sure there would be a way without Hollywood.

Film Courage: You were hired to make corporate videos and corporate versions of animated spots?

David: Yes…which wasn’t very fun but it was better than normal jobs still. I think if I’d had someone else to negotiate my salary it would have been more sustainable. I’ve always had that drive so if nothing else I would have just kept making movies with no money. Then I had this idea for a feature film that starred just her [Lotta Losten] with a little bit of me in it that we could shoot ourselves. I think that is what we would have done.

Even when we were making the deal for LIGHTS OUT since I was an unproven director they wanted this little clause in there that if…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



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