3 Tips On Naming A Movie Or Screenplay by Blayne Weaver

Film Courage: How do you choose the titles of your films?

Blayne Weaver, Actor/Screenwriter/Producer: Oooh…I’m terrible at titles. I’m terrible at them. That’s not at all what I’m good at. What I’m…I’m giving Paul Osborne way too much credit in this interview. But he named CUT TO THE CHASE. I was looking for a title and he suggested it and I was so mad…it just came…just like that! He didn’t even work on it. He’s like How about CUT TO THE CHASE?

I was looking for something like KISS KISS, BANG BANG [Written/Directed by Shane Black, ft. Robert Downey Jr., Val Kilmer, Michelle Monaghan — 2005] which I got stuck in my head. It’s a perfect title for a movie like this and I really liked that movie. So something like that is fun and a throwback to the seventies kind of movies. And he came up with it right off the top of his head.

But yes, again I’m not afraid to use my smart friends for all of their smarts and then put my name on it.

Film Courage: Well like…WEATHER GIRL [written/directed by Blayne Weaver starring Tricia O’Kelley, Patrick J. Adams, Ryan Devlin — 2009]?

Blayne: WEATHER GIRL kind of named itself because it’s a kind of a coming-of-age story. She’s a weather girl and trying to be a woman instead of a girl who is taken care of by this…she’s growing up. And so it was super easy because the weather girl is kind of demeaning you know and she grows up throughout the movie. That one actually…that was me…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).





Lyndie Greenwood and Blayne Weaver in CUT TO THE CHASE – watch it on iTunes here
Blayne Weaver in CUT TO THE CHASE – watch it on iTunes here

BIO: Blayne Weaver wrote, directed and starred in the Southern Film Noir thriller CUT TO THE CHASE. Previously he starred in writer/director Paul Osborne’s psychological thriller FAVOR and the acclaimed romantic comedy 6 MONTH RULE (alongside Martin Starr, Natalie Morales and John Michael Higgins) which he also wrote and directed. Previous films he’s written and directed include WEATHER GIRL (with Tricia O’Kelley, Mark Harmon, Jon Cryer and Jane Lynch) and OUTSIDE SALES. He also co-wrote and acted in MANIC (Don Cheadle, Joseph Gordon- Levitt and Zooey Deschanel), directed by Jordan Melamed, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. To date he has written 8 produced feature films.

He has appeared in films such as WHERE WE’RE MEANT TO BE, JUNK, DEEP DARK CANYON, OFFICIAL REJECTION and THE GOOD OLD BOYS opposite Tommy Lee Jones. His numerous episodic television credits include ER, NCIS, and THE MIDDLEMAN. He also provided the voice of Peter Pan in the Disney animated feature RETURN TO NEVERLAND.

Originally from Louisiana, Weaver currently resides in New York City and Los Angeles (read more here).


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