Besides Filmmaking There Was No Other Choice by David F. Sandberg

Film Courage: What age did you start making movies?

David F. Sandberg (a.k.a PonySmasher on Youtube):  Maybe age seven or eight, something like that. I think when my dad bought a video camera immediately I started making movies with friends. Oftentimes (or all of the time really) they were much bigger ideas than what you could do.

As eight-year-olds we made this Vietnam War movie, things like that which were terrible but it was fun.

It’s kind of a funny story because this was in the late 1980’s and video cameras were super expensive. My stepmom at the time, she didn’t like me using dad’s expensive camera and would be like Oh no. You can’t do that.

It was actually kind of funny because at the premiere of SHAZAM she was there. That was her first movie premiere and she apologized for not letting me use the camera because it kind of worked out in the end.

But I never had a problem with it. It was very understandable. I don’t know if I would let a little kid run around with something…I don’t know how expensive it was in the eighties?

Film Courage: Maybe by having it been more forbidden, it was just more interesting to you? I don’t know?

David: Maybe…or I think I was just like Yeah, I’m not listening to you. I have movies to make.

Film Courage: That’s good pre-director training. Do you believe in the law of attraction?

David: So what is the law of attraction really? That sort of positivity and things like that sort of attracts things?

Film Courage: It can be negative things as well. It’s whatever you focus your mind on. People can correct me in comments. My understanding is it’s that.

David: Yes. I certainly don’t believe it in any supernatural way but it’s certainly in life, what you set your mind to and how you treat other people certainly has an effect. And that’s something I’ve seen in Hollywood now too that studios and producers, they want to work with people that are good people and who get along.

You can only put up with so much a$$-holery you know, even if it’s from this really talented guy. If he’s a jerk, it’s going to be a chore to work with him. It does really pay off to just try to be good and all of these things.

Zachary Levi and David F. Sandberg in Shazam! – 2019 (via David’s IMDB)

Film Courage: For the law of attraction, also attracting what you believe you were meant to do or want to do. So when you were working some of those previous jobs, whether it was every time you saw a customer for the DVD rental you were busy doing something else turning your back…but still you loved movies and you had this idea that you wanted more.

David: It was kind of like there was no other choice really because I tried these normal jobs and failed and then I was sort of unemployed for a really long time because I didn’t know how to do anything else really.

I needed to do something creative whether it was drawing or doing music or something creative. It felt like that was the only thing I could do really. I think…yes it was quite a struggle there for awhile with money and things like that. Especially when I was freelancing because I am terrible with charging people money. Because I can’t say a big number because then they will hate me. So then Yeah…I can do it for this. And then when it comes time to pay taxes Oh? I’ve spent all of that money because I needed to live. Now I can’t pay taxes and I need to find work right away or borrow money from someone if I could find it.

So it was difficult at times and I think most people might give up but for me there was no other choice really. It’s just what I had to do. So it’s kind of like yeah, where else are you going to end up?



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