A Great Script Doesn’t Mean Money by Markus Redmond

Film Courage: The last time we interviewed you in 2015, you were in Ventura (California), beautiful Ventura?

Markus Redmond, Writer/Actor/ProducerYes.

Film Courage: And now you’ve returned to the LA area. [Since you’ve been gone] I know a lot of things have changed here in terms of traffic, gentrification and all of that. Aside from those very real things, have you noticed that the way the industry works has changed?

Markus: Totally. It’s completely different in so many ways. So…2015…that’s four years…four and a half maybe? Everything…the onset of streaming is probably the largest difference. The onset of YouTube influencers becoming millionaires on YouTube. Huge differences. The changes that we’ve had in politics. The changes that we’ve had in culture, it’s way different. There are sections of people that just can’t get stuff done anymore because they are not the right fit for the way the world is. So yes, there’s been a lot of differences, a lot of changes.

Film Courage: When you’ve tried to get in front of someone to pitch or whatever it is (get a project together) do you notice changes in that in terms of how it used to be?

I don’t know how long you’ve been gone from Los Angeles?…(Watch the video interview on YouTube here).



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