How Does A Professional Screenwriter Approach The Craft? by Scott Myers

Film Courage: How does someone who wants to be a professional screenwriter approach it like a professional screenwriter? What is their mindset? What is their time like? What are they doing that is different from someone who says “I want to be a writer” and both have equal talent? But one’s approach and mindset is different from the other one that “Ahh…I want to be a writer” but doesn’t do that.

Scott Myers, DePaul University Professor/Screenwriter/Creator Gointothestory.blcklst(dot)comThat’s a really good question. I had one of my students, now a very successful TV runner and soon-to-be directing a movie that she wrote, Lisa Joy. She was co-executive producer of WESTWORLD and she came to a class that I taught at Westwood for a weekend seminar and that question came up and they posed that question to her. And she said “Well I was working as a lawyer and before that I was going to law school. And the way I approached it was I am going to act like I’m a professional screenwriter”…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).

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