Being A Successful Filmmaker Starts With Business by Mark Harris

Film Courage: To go into your story a little more, what businesses did you start before making films?

Mark Harris, Filmmaker: I used to have a cleaners and I used to have a pager business. Because the cleaners and pager business is always a constant hustle, I always had to market my pager businesses and my cleaners, so it was always that hustle. I owned two pager businesses and the cleaners.

Film Courage: Can you tell me what this was like everyday? You are getting up in the morning, so with the pager business what are you doing?

Mark: Initially my brother got me into the pager business. He had a pager business that was very successful in Chicago (well-known and popular). I wanted to get into the pager business because I saw his financial success. And so what I would do is go to his pager shop and would buy pagers. From buying the pagers I would put them in a briefcase and I would go throughout the City of Chicago and sell them. I would go different places and just sell the pagers and…(Watch the video interview on YouTube here).


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