It’s Better To Work With Hollywood Than Against It by Daniel Stamm

Film Courage: Someone on Twitter responded to one of our Tweets. The Tweet was for our video “Which scripts does Hollywood want? Most screenwriters are writing the wrong ones.” So we had a gentleman ask well “This is a pivotal issue. Do I write what I know and what moves me? Or do I write what producers are looking for?”

Daniel Stamm, Filmmaker: It might not be as black-and-white because what you know and what moves you might not have to be so literal.

Just because you were (whatever) a painter doesn’t mean you have to write a script about painting but it can be any creative expression or any subtext in that or anything that I think emotionally you know is different from the specifics of the literal translation of that. So if you can make those two things overlap.

Of course I’m working on a TV show right now that has a lot to do with ambition. And obviously the protagonist on that show pushes it to the maximum where I in real life have never pushed it. But I know what it feels like to have an ambition to the point of I would do anything, I would die, I have to do this!

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Then I can take that feeling and infuse it into my character but that does mean that the character necessarily needs to literally (wants to) achieve the same thing that I wanted to achieve back then.

I think it’s definitely wrong to reject this notion because I hear that again and again at film schools when I meet the graduating class or something there is this vibe of stick to your guns, don’t sell out…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).



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