Making A Feature Film Is The Scariest Thing For A Filmmaker by Frank Coraci

Film Courage: Your first featured film was MURDERED INNOCENCE?

Frank Coraci, Director: MURDERED INNOCENCE…it’s kind of like I lost my virginity on it.

Film Courage: Okay…I hope she called you afterwards?

Frank: Not literally…(MURDERED INNOCENCE) I lost my innocence on it. It was funny, I had made short films, I had made a thing with Adam, I did a short with Adam Sandler because he was at SNL [Saturday Night Live]. And I had this reel that I put together of anything and everything I could shoot. I had a PSA and I was obsessively trying to put this reel together because I thought the reel was the way I got to be a filmmaker.

I had in my head from being at NYU that all of my favorite filmmakers Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg, like everyone had made a movie before they were 30. And I had this self-included “I have to do it or that’s it. I’m not going to make it.”

I was literally in the editing room like 20 hours and I had some weird visual reaction-seizure thing and I got rushed to the emergency room. While I was in the hospital I thought the dumbest thing I ever thought was that there was a number. If I’m really a filmmaker, I don’t care if I’m 40, 50, 60, 70, I’m never going to stop until I make movies.

And it was almost like I had to have that revelation because the following week I was on Long Island with my girlfriend at the time in a video store. I think it was a Blockbuster (they were still around)? And I turned around this corner and this guy was hitting on my girlfriend.

And he’s like “I’m a filmmaker and I make movies.”

And I’m like “Yeah? I’m a filmmaker too.”

He’s like “Yeah? What did you do?”

And I said “You want to see my reel?”

And he’s like “Yeah, I’ll see your reel.”

And he saw…(Watch the video interview on Youtube here).


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About HOT AIR: For twenty years, Lionel Macomb (Steve Coogan) has been the reigning king of conservative talk radio, delighting his fans and enraging his opponents with his angry charisma and caustic wit. Lionel spends his days ranting about hot button issues from health care to immigration, shaping the shouted debates of a divided nation. And millions listen. Now Lionel is at a crossroads. He seems bent on sabotaging his relationship with Valerie Gannon (Neve Campbell). He’s in a ratings war with his former protégé, Gareth Whitley (Skylar Astin), who has rebranded himself as the kinder, gentler voice of the right wing. He’s embroiled in a public spat with a powerful senator (Judith Light). He’s in danger of fading into irrelevance. When Lionel’s sixteen-year-old niece Tess (Taylor Russell) shows up seeking his help with a family crisis, Lionel must confront the complicated family he’s long since left behind. In Tess, Lionel has finally met his match: a smart, determined, brazenly honest sparring partner. Tess is facing her own dilemma, a stark choice between supporting her troubled mother (Tina Benko) or embarking on a life changing opportunity she’s worked so hard to earn. As this unexpected bond develops, and his career crisis reaches a breaking point, Lionel must decide whether to rethink the power of his words and his legacy. Will he open himself up to a new kind of responsibility and connection? Or will he stay his fiery course, burning anyone who gets too close?




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